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Stylfile from Inventor Tom Pellereau BBC Apprentice Winner and Lord Sugar's first business partner from the hit show.

Tom invented the S shaped file whilst watching his sister file her nails. “Nails are curved, yet files are straight.” He noticed that using a flat file to create a smooth curve was difficult, especially with your non-dominant hand.  The Stylfile brand has now developed into a complete collection of nail grooming products and the range now includes everything needed to keep your nails in great shape. The evolution of the Stylfile now includes 'Infuse,' the first moisturising file that nourishes the cuticles with almond oil while you file; Mani-pro 3 in 1 kit for buffing and cuticle maintenance in one compact tool and a pocket sized 'Emergency' version of the Stylfile, compact and perfectly packaged for repairs on the go.  We look forward to Tom's new Stylpro makeup brush cleaning invention coming soon.